Meal Prep

“Wahhhhh” “Ehhhheeee” “Wahhha” Jack and Fiona cry. I start to make the bottles, half awake. Water, Toddler Transitions, 4 scoops, Dr.Browns bottle ready. Shake Shake Shake, first bottle done, repeat. It’s quiet, they drink. Today I made cream of wheat instead of toast. I made the babies some too, we’ll see if they like it. I put maple syrup in it and Nuttso. It’s really good. The doctor said just feed them what you eat. They grab the spoon, turn their face, spit it out, take it out with their hand and throw it on the floor. We had a good run on soups and stews but now all they want to eat are berries and quesadillas. They cry while I’m making their food and it makes me nervous. They have no idea what patience is. I think I figured out the way to feed them, it needs to be cut really small and they have to be able to pick it up with their fingers. I’ve always been in charge of meal prep. Cooking for your husband is a lot easier than cooking for your husband and one year old twins. If I was tired or uninspired before I could whip up a spicy chicken curry or pasta with sausage, peppers, and mushrooms. I might try to feed the babies those dishes but I don’t think they would eat it. I always said my kids will eat what’s put in front of them. I believe I was wrong!

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