Jack and Fiona go to Play Center, Jenny does spin

I’ve got a smile on my face, I can feel my body heating up, the music  pumping, and it’s good, I push myself hard, don’t know how long I have. Missed this, feels awesome. I’m lucky, I get to do the whole class, without anyone coming and getting me because of an inconsolable child. I walk into play center, Jack is just starting to cry when I arrive. I grab him and hug him, he’s fine after a second and starts running around. Fiona enjoys herself the whole time she’s here. I’m feeling great. This is a huge accomplishment for us. I started prepping the day before. A reservation made for Play Center, A diaper bag stocked with extra clothes, diapers, squeeze packs of food. The day of I add: fresh food, bottles, water, hats, shoes, toys, hearing aid case, books, (This is seriously what’s in the diaper bag, maybe I went a little over board). Oh, and Tiger and Blue Bear, their lovies, it made all the difference in the world to Jack having Blue Bear. The morning nap is perfect. We’re packed and ready to go, I even dressed the babies in cute clothes. (We usually wear PJ’S) We leave at 10:50, I want to get there early to get us settled in. Traffic! UGH!! It’s gridlock, I try the backway, down Drake, we move at a snail pace for 30 minutes. I’m frustrated, but still have hope. Time is ticking, I’m thinking of a backup plan, I can take a half hour swim (I actually brought my swimsuit) Jack and Fiona are starting to fuss. This really sucks. It’s 11:20, I still have a glimmer of hope as I drive onto the freeway ramp to 101, only two exits and I’m home free. The traffic loosens up, I pull into the parking lot and get a spot right in front. This is crazy. I get the babies into the stroller, roll into Play Center, sign Jack and Fiona in, get to spin only five minutes late and have a great workout. I feel so proud of myself and my children. I feel a new sense of freedom. I buy another $10 smoothie (feeling guilty) sit outside in the sunshine, feed the babies quesadilla and drink my kale and avocado.   When I wake up this morning the first thought, I can’t believe It’s time to do it all again. But then I remember, Ramona’s working today, it’s Friday! YEA!

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