Why do I care what nannies do at the park while watching other peoples kids?

I’m getting so mad. 4:44, I put the babies down for their nap at 3:00. They’ve been whining the whole time. This is one of the hardest situation, the times I really need a break and the babies really need a nap, but it doesn’t happen. We went to a new park today. It was a good one, it even had a big tree giving some shade. There were two nannies, one with a ten month old baby. The other, a young nanny watching two kids.  Theo, a three year old who I coaxed into saying scared over and over because it sounded so cute and his five year old sister, Nia who was the most mature out of all of us. There was one mom of three, her son Jackson is around the same age as Jack and Fiona. She was really cool, but I felt insecure again. She looked so put together and way younger than me. I don’t know why I have that hang up. It’s weird. I just feel so tattered. Immediately aware of my red face from allergies, my wrinkles, and my undone hair. My clothes covered in food and paint. The nannies once again talked to each other in Spanish the whole time.  Theo and Nia seemed desperate to talk and have interaction with me, Jack, and Fiona. I guess the nannies job is just to supervise, make sure no one gets hurt or hurts another child. To feed and take care of all the basic needs. I haven’t seen nannies playing with the kids they watch so far. I’ve seen a lot talking on phones. As I yell “You be careful now” from behind my laptop. Fiona and Jack are playing on the sofa. I’m a firm believer they need to play together without me, of course. Maybe the nannies get crappy pay and feel they do enough work for what they get. I guess it just seems like they aren’t very engaged with the kids they watch. Do they love kids? Do they love their profession? Or is it just a job? And why do I even care?


The picture above shows a funny story. I give jack and Fiona water in their regular cups. Jack drinks out of it, getting most of the water in his mouth. Fiona is usually able to as well. I’m cleaning up from dinner and Fiona starts Bawling! (Oh I realized I’ve spelt bawling wrong in every other post!! I spelt it Balling!) Her face is super red and she even has tears. I give it a minute because I can’t understand why she’s so upset. I see her top is wet, she spilt her water, but big deal. She doesn’t stop crying, so I go over and pick her up. I realize she’s scared. (The way Theo says scared pops in my head) I think the water spilling frightened her and Jack started laughing.

I’m not sure what’s happening with my dad. I felt so emotionally drained yesterday, so drained I wonder if it’s worth it. Danny is going to send my dad money for the plane tickets. We’ve decided if he squanders the money and doesn’t come then that’s it. We’re done. Clean and simple. If he makes some effort for once in his life we’ll keep him in our lives. My mom would say, “Don’t hold your breath you guys.”

2 thoughts on “Why do I care what nannies do at the park while watching other peoples kids?

  1. I know, I get mad too: I’ve seen nannies on their phones, two nannies asleep (asleep – go and explain that to your employer!) and the worst was a group of nannies filming two very distressed 2 year olds fighting over a scooter – I know kids fight but these tots were howling and hurting each other and needed an intervention. I see some amazing nannies too to be fair, but the bad ones make my blood boil. Out and about we all rely on each other a bit I think – the mum who catches their kid’s swing as yours sprints in front of it, when you stop a toddler escaping the supermarket because his mum just couldn’t get to the door quickly enough, and on and on… I think it’s just a natural extension of that instinct to be bothered by the bad ones. I still feel uncomfortable that I didn’t take a photo of the filming nannies and see if I could get it to the parents via social media.


  2. Thanks for writing your comment! Now I don’t feel like such a crazy person. I have a nanny two days a week, and I know she loves my babies, but now I’m starting to check on things while she’s here! Like yesterday I was downstairs doing chores and I heard Jack cry, he was taking a nap. She let him go back to sleep without checking on him. (Which is fine in theory) She told me when I came upstairs that she forgot to turn off her ringer and the phone woke him up. Well I heard him when I came up so went and got him out of the play and pack and he had a huge poop diaper blow out style! Maybe that’s why he cried the first time. I felt sad. It’s hard. I wonder too what the moms expectations are for their nannies? I feel like if I’m paying someone to watch my babies I want the royal treatment for them! (Not spoiling though!)


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