My Childfree day!( Studio time and Yoga.)

piccollagegirlMy studio is a mess, paint stains everywhere, piles and piles of overworked pieces. A Stack of work I like, books, and  a giant bag of garbage. I do a quick clean up, clear my mixing counter, take everything off my press and set up my blankets, and the tension. Prepare my plexi glass and start to work. It’s all experimentation today. I haven’t been on the press in a long time. My abstract explorations are influencing my work on the plate. It’s a strange feeling working flat after working with so much texture. When I’m painting I use different mediums to create thick and thin layers, adding collage, watercolor, acrylic, and graphite for line.

piccollagegirlI don’t get much time to work, not like before I had Jack and Fiona. But I work fast and consider everything ideas and sketches, some are great, others don’t work at all. I am not concerned with that, I’m more focused on just doing it.

I made a decision yesterday at yoga, “My Intention.”  I decided when I’m done working in my studio, or done writing a piece, or have put the babies to bed for the night,  anything really, I’m going to live that moment fully. Then move on to the present. The next piece I write or painting I paint or time spent with my babies will be fresh and new. No more RUMINATING! I think it will be good. As I was walking  Billy yesterday, with this intention in mind I felt a surge of freedom, like I was a kid again.


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