Maybe there is no deeper connection ?

So yesterday, I see another woman with twins at Gerstle Park.   I know her from the MPOMC.  She was one of the first moms I met at a playdate. (That I organized) I tried to build a relationship with her, as well as the other women at our first playdate. I tried to organize more playdates and the whole thing fizzled out. Which is sad but fine. I said “Hi” to her at the park and she looked at my like, “What? Do you want something?” Then her mom says to me, “Oh you have two too?” I said, “Yeah, she knows me.” It was so weird.

I think we live in a strange time. I say “Hello, How are you?” when I pass people on a trail. In fact I say “HI” to anyone I pass anytime there’s eye contact. I think it’s weird when people walk by each other and don’t acknowledge one another. I’ve noticed in some countries that seems to be the culture. The last time I was in Ireland, for example. We stayed by a promenade that people used for fitness walking. I joined in, the conditions were extreme. Sometimes the wind felt like it was going to blow me off into the street. It rained almost every day. I was always laughing because the weather was so wild. I said “Hello” to everyone who passed me. I felt like we had a deeper connection because we were both crazy enough to go for a walk in these conditions. They looked at me like I was a stack of bricks. There was no interaction at all. I assumed they just don’t say “Hello” to strangers. Maybe they could tell I was a “Yank” as they like to call us Americans. (I forgot to mention in my “About Me” page, but my husband’s Irish! He’s from Galway)


Naturally I feel there would be a deeper connection among moms of twins, born within a three month period of the same year, who live in the same relative area. Who are even members of the same online club. I’m pretty sure this woman that I saw at the park doesn’t “Like” me. Although I have no idea what I did. But to be so rude at a local park is beyond me.

Hold this thought. I need to go get my babies! They are awake now. It’s 7:05 A.M. Monday morning. Today is my last day with Ramona. She’s gone for a month!

Maybe there is no deeper connection to be had with other human beings in general, maybe it’s always just a few good friends. Maybe it’s a waste of energy and time trying to build a community. I’m not going to try to set up anymore playdates that’s for sure. I put in so much work every time, it was almost impossible to get peoples schedules to sync up so we could meet. I guess that’s not totally true, if I ever meet some solids, meaning straight forward super cool moms, yes, let’s make a playdate!

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