Mini Chunk System

Saturday morning. Fog came in last night. The cool air feels nice. Jack and Fiona resemble children more than babies. They’ve taught me how sweet strawberries are. My studio time is short, I don’t waste moments. It suits me. The indigo watercolor, the re-purposed prints, the collage. I can feel it now. Want to paint. Need to take Billy for a walk while the babies are napping. 8:21 A.M. Mini Chunks. That’s what I’ll call it. “Jenny Hynes guide to getting it all in” The Mini Chunk System. Yesterday I forgot to leave downtime until 7:30PM. I had to clean the house for our visitors, Linda and Tracy from Early Start. I kept thinking I was almost done. Looking at the clock, 11:00, wash dishes. 11:20, wash pots, pans, bottles. 11:37, and I still have to mop the floor. No Coffee Break before Fiona’s evaluation. Felt like a real Domesticated Animal. I peel off my apron, damp and dirty from housework. 12:00 PM, babies’ dressed, clean diapers, house clean, wearing a dress, lipstick, hair pins, but no bra. Couldn’t wear a bra, too hot.  Looks slutty, hippyish, I don’t know. Wouldn’t go out in public. Babies and I having a great time while the nannies away. Even though Ramona only comes two days a week it’s a big difference than no days a week. It’s nice to have my house back. It stays cleaner, (which probably means I spend too much time doing) but it feels good, the babies hardly cry at all, only whining, especially Fiona. That’s because they can’t say what they feel, want, or need. That’s my project. I need to really focus on learning sign language and teaching Fiona words and explaining how she’s feeling. The babies seem to be taking a nap now. Time for Billy.

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