Sunday Morning Mom

6:10 AM,  take out my ear plugs,  hear rumblings from the nursery. Body stiff, sore, eyes still half closed. Husband sleeping. Stretch my arms overhead, one  leg, two legs, both feet on the floor. Put on my pajama pants , go  see babies. “Good Morning babies” I say. “How are you babies? Today?” Pick you up and hold you tight, tell you I love you, I’m happy to see you this morning babies. Take off your dirty diaper. Put a clean one on, put on your outfit.  Take you upstairs for milk. Screaming and crying, no patience, no patience. Making the bottles as fast as I can. Putting on toast, making coffee. Screaming and screaming, making me nervous, making the process much harder than it should be. I hand you your bottles, you’re sitting in  high chairs, quiet, it’s quiet. I make my toast, make my coffee. Read you a book. Put on Fiona’s hearing aids. Lucky, we’re lucky. We’re so, so,so, lucky. Sunday morning, beautiful morning. Babies I love you.

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