Fiona’s screeming and establishing a regular chill out time with my husband, no babies, no TV.

Fiona is on a screaming rampage lately. “It sounds like someone’s not happy” says a man at the Indian buffet. “It sounds like screaming cats, it sounds like cats”. Says his wife.  “She’s happy, maybe a tooth”. I say. We’ve been seated in a separate part of the restaurant, there are no customers by us and there’s a glass wall between us and the Indian buffet, but Fiona’s screeching carries through the whole restaurant. I run through my mind, they both had a great nap, they just woke up an hour ago, had a bottle of milk, quesadilla, and strawberries before we left the house. They have clean clothes and diapers. It’s possible she tasted something spicy and that set her off. It’s really hard to say, I’m trying to communicate with her, teach her the words for her feelings, but the screeching is relentless, we have to leave the restaurant quick. Jacks had a great time, moving with the Indian music, trying everything I put on his plate, people watching. It’s impossible not to compare the two.

New Rule: Spend at least a night with the T.V. off, a candle lit, and a bottle of wine. Alan and I did that last night. We realized we need to spend more time just relaxing together and talking. We are always so tired after the babies are asleep for the night we just eat dinner and watch T.V. It’s easy to get disconnected. We haven’t been successful at setting up a regular “Date night”.

I’m really tired today. This is all I have to say.

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