The New and Improved Jenny Hynes

I’m really liking my new attitude. I’m feeling much more relaxed by taking the pressure off myself. The idea of living an un-edited life is working for me. Yesterday I had to paint. I went into my studio, prepped the paper, had the colors in my mind already, and laid down the marks. One idea. I had to keep reminding myself to “STOP”. Walk away. This is a brilliant skill I’m learning.


I pulled my neck muscle yesterday, another warning sign. Even at my reduced activity schedule with focus on relaxation and just being present I was still moving too fast.

The babies and I have been having lots of fun. I made another successful dinner last night everyone enjoyed. A chicken soup with ginger, cilantro, carrots, sweet bell peppers, and potatoes. Jack and Fiona loved it, they practiced using their forks and spoons. They drank the broth out of the bowl. I felt proud that my babies ate a healthy meal. It’s difficult at this age. Most meals are quesadillas and berries.

I have to be honest, the babies just went down for their nap, 8:25am. I’m on episode 4 of “Secrets and Lies”. I’m addicted to that show and I want to watch one more episode while they take a nap. Old me, and nagging me says, “But you should paint.” Or do something productive. Or write a better Blog Post! But the me that is learning to treat myself kindly and give myself a longer leash says watch another episode!

Although the babies are not yet sleeping. They only took one nap yesterday, they did this, babbling, playing, laughing. and wound each other up. My plan may totally fail today.

2 thoughts on “The New and Improved Jenny Hynes

  1. Un-editing life is always good. I’m a teacher (and we just had twins!) and we look forward to pressing the pause button each summer. That’s when I work the most on writing projects I’ve been working on during the school year and catching up on all my reading. Keep it up!

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  2. Congrats! Thanks for the comment. Yes, def press the pause button! Its really the only way to go. Its hard though. I have to constantly remind myself over and over. Today it took 2 hours to get the babies to take a nap! Solution- separate rooms! I started to panic, no nap is not good! But i remained calm, tried all the solutions i could think of and now they are finally happily asleep!


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