E-I-E-I-O and peas on the floor!

I’m so excited about our road trip. Alan has to work, so Jack, Fiona, and I will be driving separately. I wish I could take my dog Billy, but she’s staying home with Danny. My car is packed to the brim with play packs, travel high chairs, blankets, toys, double stroller, two of everything. I made a list of things to bring for the first time in my life and it has been awesome! I made it last weekend with my husband. Instead of stressing, I’ve been feeling good about crossing things off my list!

I am Lucky. I didn’t want twins, I was petrified by the idea. I imagined myself having one baby, being inseparable, carrying my baby everywhere with me. Nice and simple, nice and easy. As the years passed I had doubts I would ever be a mother at all, I always said “I’ll be happy with one.” After Jack and Fiona were born I knew if I had only one I would most certainly try for a second. Yesterday at dinner I gave the babies some cheerios. Jack started pushing them onto the floor in large sweeping motions. Fiona started laughing, then Jack laughed. They did this with their peas too. Then I gave them some of my fresh vegetable juice, which they love, it gives them beet mustaches. They look at each other and laugh. The floor is a mess, peas getting mashed, and I think to myself, don’t encourage food throwing. They are having so much fun though, and I have to clean the floor anyhow, what’s a few more peas?

It’s funny to think just a couple of months ago cleaning the floor 3 times a day was driving me to tears. I’ve grown accustomed to it, part of who I am now. The babies are awake and fed, playing together. I’m getting distracted by a book that plays “Old Mc Donald had a farm.”  When I hear the tune I can’t help but sing along! “E-I-E-I-Ooooo


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