Home Again, First day back from vacation.

Home again. Jack and Fiona run onto the deck, which may be too dangerous soon, they are fearless climbers. It seems toddlers have an insatiable desire for danger. Open outlets, strangulation, (I can even spell that word now!) drinking toxic chemicals, head injuries, open flames, climbing everything, It goes on and on. So again, if you’re pregnant with twins or have newborn twin babies it really does get harder, sorry, but it gets more and more intense. Your sweet little babies will turn into monkeys. Why do people always say it gets easier? I will never know.


First Morning waking up in own house after vacation. Time to get babies. Bottles, toast, banana, read Moo, BAA, LA LA LA! Put Jack and Fiona out in their play area, which after living without it for five days I realize how wonderful and safe an area it is. It’s very important to have one area the babies can play, go wild, run around, and be relatively safe. Of course accidents can happen anywhere anytime. MOO MOO BA BA LA. Just put babies down for a nap, they are very tired this morning and so am I. Blah Blah Blah.


Painting. Need to paint. Haven’t been in the studio in a week, I think my brain is starting to melt. The ocean was wonderful and of course vacations are marvelous, but I’m missing that alone time, my creative time. I’ve been distracted lately, which has interfered with my flow. I need to find a new nanny. Ramona is amazing, we love her so much, but her English is limited. This is not a problem for Jack, but for Fiona it’s less than ideal. We were told this months ago, Fiona needs to be spoken to in a consistent language, English. Ramona has been practicing English but it’s not coming quick enough to keep up with Fiona’s language development. I’ve been tore up about it, last time I ended up caving and keeping Ramona because we love her so much. This time I can’t, I need to be strong for Fiona and find a new nanny that can help me with teaching Fiona language. Someone who’s bubbly and energetic. A person who can learn some sign language. It’s hard.

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