Cafe Isolation

Humming of voices in conversations, clang of change in the register, a laugh, music in the distant background. My first break in almost two weeks. Romona is working four hours, there’s one hour left. I decided to visit Aroma cafe for a tofu wrap and soy chai. On my way home I’ll pick up groceries. I wish there was someone to call, “can you meet for a chai?” But there’s not. I have no friends who I can just call up and talk to. Who are down for a spontaneous meet up for a coffee or conversation. The people in this cafe do. Most look like they are on business meetings though. I’m not saying this isn’t nice,  I enjoyed my tofu wrap and chai very much, as well as my MUCH needed break from babyville. I’m just missing having a close  friend to talk to. It’s so hard to make new friends. I’ve made a few new friends since the babies were born but they are busy with their babies, it’s hard to make plans with twins. My older friends are busy in different stages of their lives. Their children are older. They have school events, games, and jobs. I’ve always felt isolated as an artist working from home. With young children I am even more isolated. It’s interesting. 

I may have found a new nanny though! She’s amazing and the babies Loved her! 


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