How quickly time moves!

Time moves so quickly, everybody talks about it. People chronicling their lives on Facebook reminds us how fast it really does move, or at least it seems to move.  “They were just babies” I think when a friend talks about researching preschools for her now two year olds. I get a surge of anxiety, Jack and Fiona are only eight months younger than her babies. Preschool? It really puts things into perspective. Those little critters are growing at a rapid pace.

We went down to our little park last night, I’m beginning to grow quite fond of our little neighborhood park. Except the asphalt and lack of trees is definitely a negative, it’s HOT no matter when we go! I let Jack and Fiona out of the stroller and they RAN to the little play set. They can use the whole structure on their own. Jack even mastered the stairs which have scared the crap out of me up until yesterday. He’s always wanted to go down them but I thought he would just fall. He practiced several times holding the hand rail, walking on his feet like a big boy, tumbling off the bottom a few times. It looked like it hurt. Was he going to cry? Do I need to pick him up or ask him “Are you OK Jack?” No, he gets right back up and tries again. Very impressive. Fiona watches him and tries almost everything he does. The slides are hot, the slides are always hot! The big kid slide was in the shade so I took Jack down the big slide in my lap, it was super fun and kind of scary!

There was another little girl the same exact age as Jack and Fiona, Avery. She lives right down the street. Jack and Fiona get super excited when they see Avery. They started making their “We’re SO excited noises” and run towards Avery. Her mom was right there at ALL times, Avery kept making little whiny noises and clenching onto her mom. She was pushing a Lawnmower at one point and Fiona ran over and stepped in, Avery started to cry. Her mom picked her up, I did nothing. The next time it happened I did get Fiona to make sure Avery could use the lawnmower, her mom said it’s her favorite toy at the park.

Our new nanny Heather started work yesterday. She is amazing! Jack and Fiona really like her a lot. I think the transition will be quite smooth. Fiona was really happy, Heather is the perfect match because she really knows how to communicate with children. This is going to help so much, Fiona will get a lot more attention in regards to learning language now that I have this kind of help. Yea! Heather and I are going to learn sign language together too, which I think will be super fun.

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