4:26 on a saturday afternoon

Twisting. Creating symmetry, using muscles that are dormant. Yesterday we twisted in Rena’s yoga class. There are so many sounds going on right now. The dishwasher humming, vibrating, swishing water. There’s people playing basketball, cheering and rooting down at the park. The television is on, I heard a strange whistling noise, “What was that?” my eyes freezing, thought it was Jack. “It’s a noise on T.V.” Alan says, “It’s a hunting show”. Jack is hooting and hollering in the nursery. Screaming little screams, babbling, he won’t take a nap, but he’s too tired to be upstairs with me. He keeps crying over the littlest things. I told him just twenty minutes, just rest for twenty minutes and I’ll come and get you.

Read an article this morning about moms of twins having mantras to get them through the mixed feelings, like when they envied the lives of women with singletons. I don’t have a mantra myself, and I’ve never had mixed feelings about having twins since they were born. But when I first found out there were two heartbeats my face turned white. I was freaked. I envisioned two Aliens coming to suck away my life. But once they were born I became us. I think its hard being a parent no matter what. I’m constantly challenged to figure it out. Maybe that would be my mantra if I had to have one, “Just figure shit out” and maybe I’d add, “As you go.”

Jacks not sleeping. He’s babbling a lot. It does sound really cute. I’ll need to start dinner soon,  4:26 on a Saturday afternoon in June.

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