We Made it Through the Night!

We made it through the night. Of course. But after reading the section in “What to expect in the second year” about fevers I was very concerned. I knew Jack was burning up, but I hadn’t taken his temperature. I started imagining he had a temperature of 105 and I needed to bring him to the emergency, that if I didn’t he might have a convulsion. At 10:00pm I got him out of bed and took off his Pajamas and laid him on my chest. The heat coming off his body made me feel like I had a fever. Alan took his temperature with the forehead thermometer, it read 100.9. I don’t think it’s totally accurate but I figured it couldn’t be off that much. Alan made Jack a bottle and he drank six ounces straight back. He started pointing at the ceiling fan saying “That,” then on to Alan’s eyes, nose, and mustache. I knew he would be fine and there was no need to worry anymore. It’s so scary when babies and animals get sick. They can’t tell you how they feel and all we can do is worry. As I was worrying about Jack, especially after Alan asked me “Did you call the doctor?” “Should you call the doctor?” “Should you take him to the hospital?” what felt like a million times, but it was probably only once, I really started second guessing myself. I thought “what if something terrible happens and it’s because I didn’t call the doctor?” But then I thought, “If it’s a virus there’s nothing the doctors can do anyhow, I have to let nature take its course.” I read in my book that Fevers were one of the most amazing things our bodies do! But then I thought, “What if it’s a bacterial infection?” The book talked about those and they require antibiotics. I had to say “Stop! Jenny.” Needless to say it’s really stressful for me when Jack and Fiona get sick!

Heather called this morning, she has a sore throat and cough, so she can’t come to work today. It’s a beautiful out but we’ll have to stay home. I don’t want to infect any other kids. There are so many blue jays, robins, finches, and crows singing and flying around. I think I’ll put some bird food out. Maybe work in my studio while the babies take their naps. I’m so excited to be back on the press. I love printmaking so much. I think I’ll do some more drypoints and monoprints. When Rob came over yesterday I showed him my work I’ve been doing, the HUGE pile of abstract paintings. Some of which, we both agree are pretty nice. I wish I could get them out there, have some shows. People need these hanging in their houses!! But I can’t frame anything else, I have a boatload of framed work, at least two shows worth, that’s great stuff. This is the artist’s biggest dilemma. We make and make and make but have nowhere to put it once we’ve filled our walls and storage. It’s sad. But I have to work, I have to create, there’s no question about that!

One thought on “We Made it Through the Night!

  1. Oh how I sympathize with your worry! You perfectly captured many nights of panic that we went through when E was tiny, and even now from time to time. They look so terribly, devastatingly ill and I would find myself mentally scrolling through every possible dreadful, fast-moving sickness it could be, and then they wake up and start tearing the house up happily and only their parents are suffering the ill-effects of zero sleep!! Yep, “stressful” barely scratches the surface of the primeval feeling that overtakes me with fevers 🙂 xx

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