Quiet Hours

Quiet hours, babies having a great nap. Had studio time. Painted with the thought, Baby Inspired, in my mind.


The day is hot and dry, it’s the last week in June. Have been engrossed with finding a new nanny, e-mailing back and forth. It sucks up so much time. Now I don’t trust anyone. I’m telling the candidates I need an honest, reliable person with good pronunciation of the English language. But it feels like people try to say all the right things to get the job, even if they aren’t sure they want the job. Maybe that’s just the way it is. Maybe I was spoiled by Ramona. She was straight forward and open. I could go on and on about her amazing attributes. But she didn’t have good English pronunciation. I’ve decided I’m in no rush, I just want to find the right person. I told myself I need to be honest with any red flags I see in the candidates. The truth is, you never know until they start working and the only way to find out is to take a chance.


I think the babies are awake now. Yes, they are, and they are so adorable. The nice long nap did them good. We went to early Start in the morning. We had our parents meeting and the teachers at Early Start worked with the babies the whole time. I actually feel like I got a break even though it was with three other parents I barely know and feel our worlds are totally different, but maybe they’re not. Kathy, the therapist who leads the group is like an angle. She is full of beauty and kindness. I am starting to feel more relaxed at Early Start. It’s a bit mellower in the summer because there’s not as many students.


Why do sixteen month olds only play nice with their toys for five minutes before they need to go do something they’re not supposed to do?

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