Mendocino And Thoughts on being an older parent

Foggy, coastal, town.  


Lets see what the day brings, babies sleeping now, cold hands and noses made putting them down for thier morning naps a breeze. Jack rode on Alan’s shoulders, practicing his “hi’s” to passerby’s.

The visitors to this town are mostly friendly,the locals always give a “hello.” I find myself completely over my worries of “being an older mother” now. Even the last time we were in Mendocino I had moments of wondering what people were thinking, if they thought I was too old, or “she definitely used IVF” or did they wonder if I used a Surrogate? Egg Donor?

 One day I was talking to A therapist I know who specializes in alternative family building and who had her baby late, relatively speaking. She said “it only matters what you think about it              ( having children through egg donor/ surrogacy) ” It’s so true, I wonder why I care what other people think? 

I read an article the other day, I can’t find it now. It talked about the concern in Britain, by some “experts” about the trend to have kids later. They were thinking of ways to encourage couples to have kids in their twenties. They said it’s damaging  to society how people are having kids later in life, after they go to college and have careers. I don’t understand, I feel like it’s a positive, at least for Alan and I. We are fully dedicated parents because we know who we are as individuals. We have done our studies and know what we want in life, we know how we want to live. I think that’s valuable for Jack and Fiona. It also makes it easier for us to stay focused on our goals while still having energy for the demands of parenting. 

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