When all the work to live less stressfully kicks in automatically

Today 10:22 AM – Text from new nanny, was going to start working in September. She was scheduled to work tonight so Alan and I could go out to dinner.

“Hi jenny im so sorry I won’t be able to make it today o feel really sick im sorry”

I had a feeling she would flake, I just knew it. Another one bites the dust! I’ve been working with a temporary nanny the past week who is totally amazing! She’s teaching us sign language, she has hearing loss herself so I’m learning so much from her! Fiona is thriving with her language skills and is catching up to Jack on the amount of words she knows. She seems so happy too. They both do and they’re real troupers. I can’t believe all the new things they’ve been exposed to this past week. The Zoo and the Science Museum. They’ve been to play center at the gym three mornings this week. When I go down to pick them up, I sneak in, just so I can catch a glimpse of them playing with the other kids. It’s so cute it melts my heart. Lindsey worked with us three days this week as well, so they’ve been exposed to a ton of sign language. Oh, and they had a playdate with one our friends who has twin boys! I can’t believe they didn’t break down one time this week during all those activities. I was totally prepared for a meltdown, a lot of their naps were in the car and shorter than normal, but they never cried or whined. They seem to love learning new things, going places and hanging out with friends. Things are going really well, Jack and Fiona are thriving.


I’m doing OK despite my body issues, hormonal and musculature! I was playing with the babies last night before bedtime and trying to give them piggy back rides, bad idea, my neck is very sore! My hormones are out of whack too. But I had a moment last night that really hit me hard. It was right before nursery time and I still needed to clean the kitchen. I was sitting with Jack and Fiona playing with animal toys and I said, “I just have to clean the kitchen and then I’ll take you down for bath time.” They looked at me and I immediately said, “No I don’t actually, it doesn’t matter, I can do it later.” It felt so good and I was relaxed. It was like my own auto correct kicked in. The first thought was habitual, then my new way of being, living with less stress, was triggered subconsciously. It was a really cool moment in time.

All my back up nannies have gotten back to me and everyone is busy. So no date night! At least no going out to dinner with friends. Time to make plan B!

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