Jack and Fiona can no longer be fenced in! 

Well, the time has come that the baby fences no longer work to keep Jack and Fiona in! They just push the fence down against the stairs and crawl over. Then this happens in a blink of an eye:

They climb up on the tables, they get into everything and anything. I feel like there’s a tornado spinning all around me, the energy they have is memorizing! Every time I think I’ve covered all my bases they find something I’ve missed, like pushing a stool from the kitchen down the stairs.   It’s exhausting! 

Today I decided to take the babies to the Zoo. I did something I’ve never done before, two major(what is major with twins anyhow) activities in one day. This morning we went to the gym. I got to do spin and Jack and Fiona went to play center. I have been going first thing in the morning and feeding the babies breakfast in the car. It’s working out great! I didn’t know what would happen if I left the gym and drove somewhere else, if they would stay awake and get super tired and break down, or if they would do as they have, fall asleep! They are getting a great nap! 

Cars are pulling in the parking lot, kids getting sunscreen slathered on their faces, seagulls squawking, friends talking. I’m sitting in my car, babies sleeping, bladder full, waiting for them to wake! 

It’s a strange day for San Francisco, warm, humid, air. 

I think Jack just woke up, lets look:

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!! 

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