Baby doctor day and time for studio

Everything is temporary. This morning as Fiona said poopoo for diaper it was cute, but I know that soon she will be using the correct words for almost everything, and that I will have forgotten the moments when I’m trying to decipher if Fiona really did go poo poo or just pee. Or if she’s simply telling me what she is looking at. 

Today was their eighteen month check up.   They got a clean bill of health and took their shots like real troopers. I couldn’t have been prouder. 

I had time this afternoon to do some experimentation. I am recycling my old works on paper and re-using them. It’s exciting and I feel like new ideas are emerging through the process. The work makes me think of maps or documents of the past. The disappearing of the old and reappearing of something new. I’ve internalized the discussion of the melting glaciers and the shrinking coastlines. Maybe it’s starting to come out in my work. But not conciously, i’m still working from intuition and spontanaity and if I was to say I was working on landscapes  I would be talking about internal landscapes. But just like the disappearing shorelines I am disappearing too.  Someday I will no longer be here. Nothing is permanent. 

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