Unafraid frayed parade

back here again. In my studio. Hum of the fan, paint drips everywhere, acrylic caked hands. 

First time painting since Saturday. I hate painting because it’s  like a drug to me, it’s not just the paper, it’s the creating. I felt like i was a stuffed toy, knitted together and i went through the dryer cycle. My temperature changed, i cracked like a dry leaf into a bunch of little tiny pieces. 

The fine viens holding me together were delicate, I knew I was tired, but I had this other feeling deep down  inside. 

The feeling I get when I come down, burnt to a crisp. Will I take it easy? Have I used it all up? 

Then I pull out some stuff to work on. Larger things, canvas and a few unfinished pieces from the Rhythm and Presence workshop. 

I just start working, unafraid.

The energy i received from working with other artists on Saturday is still with me. 

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