Working, thinking, mothering

“mama,mama” I hear Jack on the baby monitor. I’m in my studio working. 

I can get a lot done in an hour! I tore up the large canvas I worked on yesterday, I felt excited when I thought of re-working the smaller pieces. I think I might work that way for awhile. It sounds like Jack went back to sleep. He’s quiet again. 

  We’ve been having a lot of fun. They make me laugh, like when I found them in the pantry taking out all the dog food and putting it on a shelf. I make them laugh when I hop, they can’t figure out how to get air. They try though! 

They make me mad too. Last night I wanted to have a family dinner, I cooked sworfish, chard, and potatoes. Jack and Fiona completely rebelled. They threw food on the floor and whined. It drove me crazy. I said, ” sorry, you have to wait until mommy finishes her dinner.”  I had to block out the annoying “down, down, down.” 


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