Paper scraps in various colors and formations litter the floor and every surface in my studio. My hands are damp and cold from just washing them, wiping them on my apron, which is damp, I feel a slight chill on the top of my thighs. It’s the same feeling of walking through a damp concrete underpass. My shoulders are cool, Jack is starting to make little waking noises, I think he has a crumb stuck in his throat. I had time to do some naptime paintings and now it’s getting close to the end of naptime. 

Fiona was supposed to go to the audiologist today but I rescheduled it. It was weird, I was feeling really stressed timewise, early start in the morning, then I had to get them Home, fed, and put down.  When we got home they were all wound up, playing in buckets of rain water, investigating the driveway and side walkway, playing with the broom and dustpan, asking me to go for a walk, me asking Jack and Fiona ” what would entice you to walk up these stairs into the house?” I recieved blank stairs or no attention paid to me at all. “Are you Hungry?”






“Want to watch”

“Ooey ooey? Guppies?” Jack finally  replys.

They both walk up the front steps, into the kitchen, want to get into thier   chairs, eat bread, chips, and orange slices and watch a little Wiggles. I couldn’t get them to bed until 1:00.

After I cancelled Fiona’s appointment My whole being changed. I was relaxed and I had more time to paint, the babies have more time to rest. It reminded me how  important it is to follow my gut! It’s the only way to not get burned out. 

Well it’s time to go back upstairs, get the babies up and dinner made. 

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