No More Divisions

7:19 AM Monday morning, sky clear, pale blue. House still quiet, babies still asleep, on my second cup of coffee. The weekend went by smoothly, yes, it really did, it’s as if again my “intentions” manifested. Was it Thursday I decided I wasn’t going to stress, that it was going to be a good day? Or Friday? Saturday morning I set my intention during Yoga, “To be a good, nice, wife and mom” I did it too, I was on my best behavior. I let things go, the mess, the whining and complaining, I spun it around. Not by being fake, or untrue, by being true, by, as one of my friends commented to me on Facebook, “don’t sweat the small stuff” Thanks Sarah! I’m keeping that in mind! Good advice. If it wasn’t for Facebook where would I be? No, really, It’s amazing how we’ve all come together on Facebook. A lot of people talk shit about FB, say it’s dumb. But I think it’s also smart. Everything is happening in real time, discussions can be started, ideas shared, people from all over the world united, sharing ideas, art! Everyday it’s like going to five different galleries, everyone is finding great art and posting pictures that I can look at, I can share my pictures and writing. Where else could this happen? Thanks Facebook!

Today the internet will be buzzing with thoughts on last nights presidential debate, Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley. After dinner, after I cleaned up the mess and baked scones and made tea, we all sat down to watch the debate. Alan, Jack, Fiona, and me. I told the babies, “These are your leaders” not they understood me, but I wanted them to possibly absorb something presidential through osmosis! Right before the babies were born I read something about Kennedy, about how his mom had maps and globes of the world laying around. That Kennedy was inspired by this. I would like Jack and Fiona to learn about the world, to be inspired by maps and politics. To be educated and want to help make things better for all people. No more divisions! I like all three candidates very much, I believe they are all good politicians and really want to make things better and all already have, they’ve dedicated their whole lives to working for others. I personally think Hilary would be the best choice, I like Bernie a lot, but he repeated the same thing over and over again, bring down the 1%. Not that I don’t agree with his stance on big business, I do. Only a big pharmaceutical company could turn Marijuana into a coma inducing drug, pure evil. But to attack every single rich person seems silly and unproductive to me. What about the good people who have a lot of money? The ones who donate to organizations that rely on donations? The ones who buy art? We need these people! We need rich people on our side, on the good side. Let them make their money, let them keep money, and let them spend their money!  Let’s unite, not divide! That’s my stance. That’s why Hilary is my choice for president of the united states.

Now the babies are awake, they are eating their cheerios, making a mess on the nursery floor while I finish writing this post. They really want to touch the keyboard!

But I keep pushing them away, I can’t hold them back any longer. Jacks touching his but and saying “Owwy” I wonder if he has a poop and it’s stinging because he ate spicy Thai food yesterday? Time to change diapers and get the day started, I can’t hold them off any longer!

3 thoughts on “No More Divisions

  1. Jennyjennyjenny…what wonderful commentary. Wow, you quoted me. Thank you…so pleased you liked the ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’! I, too, love FB. It has really given me a huge world,
    many worlds, of thought, humor, and, of course, art. Nothing like it. When I post my art, I kinda get shy, and then go for it. I admire your tenacity to writing and practicing your art every day. You are an inspiration to me. Honest. Love yourself, and love your sweet babies. Xxx

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