FLIES in the Kitchen

FLIES in the Kitchen, sweet, sticky, squares of waffle on the floor. Smeared yogurt, cheerios, some hard and shrunken from being soaked with milk, some bright and crispy just like they day I opened the box. Babies finally sleeping at same time for afternoon nap. It’s been a heel of a week. Jack no nap Tuesday, Fiona no nap Wednesday, Jack no nap Thursday, Fiona no nap Friday. All three of us woke up at 7:00 AM each day and were completely wrecked by 7:00 at night. I decided early on to just go with it. I could feel the tide changing a few weeks ago. The vocabulary, the upper body strength, the understanding of the Easter Bunny.  This was a big one this week. I admit I went head strong into Spring, the full week of a diet consisting of vegetables and chocolate. Ohhhing and ahhhing at every lamb I saw in the pastures I drove by and every stuffed bunny on the shelf in the store. I even saw a real bunny eating green grass last Saturday in Bodega bay. I tried to dye Easter Eggs with the babies and Lindsay yesterday, but I bought the wrong color eggs and Jack and Fiona just wanted to throw the eggs and watch them crack. Today we went to the local parks annual Easter Egg hunt. Jack and Fiona were so excited. I really talked it up. We walked down the hill, Jack and Fiona carrying buckets, Billy barking from the deck, our neighbors walking down at the same time. One of them told me I needed to be more careful while walking around the sharp curve on our road. I guess one day she nearly hit us. I asked her, “Was it the day It was raining?” I told her there was a storm that day and Jack was scared of the wind and everything was all crazy. And sorry.  The Easter Egg Hunt at the park was interesting, but overwhelming and the Easter Bunny looked really scary and some of the little kids started crying. Anyhow It’s probably time to clean up this mess. Get these flies outta the house.

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