I am disturbed. I had insomnia last night. I heard some things spoken during speeches at the Republican National Convention that make me cringe. Trump has fully adopted nationalism. It’s really scary, I can’t believe how many people in this country support him. It’s unreal. I am truly concerned. I think if Trump gets elected we are so fucked. If he does what he says, roll back Obama care, show the world “How tough we are”, deportations? The wall? With Pence by his side, march on with the war against woman’s bodies. Then the guns. They’ll just sit back and watch us kill each other. Trump wants to arm America. I know a lot of people don’t “like Hilary because she’s untrustworthy” but come on! And DT is???? Hilary’s not going to start WW3 and give everyone a gun. She’s not going to take away your health insurance or your right to an abortion if you need one. She’s not going to deport our friends and neighbors, separating parents from their children, starting a massive war against immigrants. Immigrants who are part of our communities. She’s not going to bomb the hell out of the middle east causing a bad situation to become worse. It’s really scary right now in America. Trump has a chance of winning! Trump! What the hell?  I am very concerned. The only thing I can do is worry and make art. That’s what I’ll do today, with the “Make Art” part hopefully dominating. Yikes! Time to get the babies up and make breakfast. Take a deep breath. It’s either going to be OK or it’s not

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