Early November 2016, shook to my core. Sexism wins. My heart sinks, I’m mad, depressed, sick, it lasts, it lingers. It’s October 2017. Just start to recover. The trauma Trump brought up. The words he spoke, “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything…grab them by the pussy” taken form a quote off Wikipedia from a conversation Trump was having with Billy Bush. Almost a year later Harvey Weinstein is on the hot seat for sexual harassment. All the feeling comes back, this time women are all banning together and putting “Me Too” as their status on Face Book. I wrote stories about the sexual abuse I went through as a young girl through my twenties after Trump was elected president. I don’t think my husband understood why I was so upset Hilary lost the election.  I couldn’t include them in my book “Nap Time Paintings”. Some of the abuse happened when I was a minor and liabilities associated with naming too much information about sexual abuse is red flagged. I would have had to label my book “Eighteen and over”.  I decided to take the stories out of my book. I do not know if the same rules apply to Blog writing?

Roles of girls and women in the land of the MAN: sexual object, a pretty face, an easy lay, subservient, housewife, MILF, she wears heals, she has long hair and makeup, short hair equals lesbian or bi-sexual, maybe she’ll do a threesome, but men prefer long hair, she wears a bra, if she doesn’t wear a bra she’s a lesbian, she loves sex, if she doesn’t love sex she needs therapy, there’s something wrong with her, she’s loose, she has sex with different men, she’s a slut, she’s a bitch, she’s sweet, she can get away with it because she’s pretty, she’s lying, she’s playing up the victim role, she wants money, the bitches always go after your money, what men say to men, she’s got a good body but an ugly face, she’s pretty cute, gross. Sexism makes me nauseous. I can’t wait till all the pigs go down.

“GUERRILLA GIRLS: Corruption in the art world drives us crazy, but the lack of human rights for women and children all over the world, especially in areas of war and conflict, makes us APOPLECTIC. The slightly good news: it’s always been two steps forward, one step back, but feminism is changing women’s lives around the globe—very, very slowly in most places, and significantly in others. Even the most repressive countries have feminist movements—brave women often working in secret. By the way, we think it’s ridiculous that so many people in the U.S. who believe in the tenets of feminism, equal pay for equal work, freedom from sexual exploitation and abuse, the right to an education, control over their reproductive lives, etc., have been brainwashed by negative stereotypes in the media and society and refuse to call themselves feminists.”

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