Humming Birds and Blue Skies

The freeway rumbles, birds sing, thick cob webs connect, catch light on the deck railing. Jack watches a movie and I ponder, how can I reduce the piles of paper, toys, and dirty laundry through out my house. What I’ve been doing, week after week is shoving clean clothes in my closet, shoving paperwork in tote bags, toys get put away and before I know it they are every where again. It’s not worth the trouble, or time. I am starting to sweat, it’s a warm October morning. My favorite time of the year. It would be a good day for a nature walk. A Hike.

The other morning I decided to take Jack and Fiona on a bike ride on a path by the bay, where sea birds spend their day hunting for food in the marsh. I took Billy and was looking forward to the walk. Jack and Fiona started riding their bikes, but it didn’t last long. Jack wanted to play on the giant slabs of broken concrete at the edge of the water, covered in bright green slippery algae. Fiona wanted to ask questions about things, everything. It wasn’t any where near as fun as I imagined it would be, so we cut the walk short and went for coffee and pink cake pops. That they enjoyed much more. We are all getting over a cough and cold so it was understandable.

I went back yesterday to the same place with Billy, my dog, while Jack and Fiona were in preschool. Billy and I had a nice walk. I imagine today when I ask my children to take a hike they will balk at the idea. They will want to go to a park. I will take them on a nature hike anyhow, not expecting anything in particular. Tomorrow morning when they are in preschool I can go again on my own! Although I have some work to do in my Nap Time Notebooks for my upcoming show. I would love to get a few more completed. But we shall see, the main goal at present,  to remain flexible about things I plan to do!


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