Need More Time

The sky is a hazy-almost smog like today. A fog. Steam billows from the kettle. Time to make a second cup of coffee. Sometimes I feel I can’t bare another day without painting and writing in my studio. Paintings lean up against my press. I need my press to start my next major project. I have a list of obstacles before I can really get going on my new book. My studio. It’s too messy to begin a new project, a vision I’m 100% clear on.  I need to put away my new paintings from my recent show, hang some and store some. I need to mask the remnants of my last series. (I need to mail GAP frags). Get fresh plexi glass from Tap Plastic. Those are the primary obstacles. The other obstacle is office work. I have been promoting Nap Time Paintings; created a sell sheet that I’m proud of, stuffed, stamped, wrote cover letters for 170 so far. I even sent some books to a few of my favorite books stores. It’s been fun, but I miss my free style creative time. My coffee is done. It’s so good. I’m half way done with it already. What Art can I do with 40 minutes left? I could fit in the last 42 cover letters for my packets that are stamped and ready to go. But that’s not very creative. I need more time!

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