Stupid is a word I never use, so why did my 4 year old son say it last night at dinner?

I rarely cuss. I never have, there has been a brief period, since having Jack and Fiona where I’ve said “I’m so fuckin’ pissed” in front of my kids. They have said that jokingly, they definitely heard it from me. But its not a super common thing I do and its when someones done something really bad or I’m completely exhausted.

I never use the word stupid. I never have liked that word.

“Thats stupid” Jack said at the dinner table.

He looked at me to see my reaction.

“Where did you here that word” I asked.

“We never say that word” I say.

The next thing Jack mentions is the Trump Blimp:

“He’s gonna be so mad about the baby blimp” Jack says laughing.

“Oh my gosh, I think Jack heard the word “stupid” on the news when they were talking about what Trump said” I say.

My husband doesn’t agree at all.

“He uses that word all the time!” I say.

“In his tweets”

My husband still doesn’t seem to think it’s possible for my son to have been influenced by the words of our president. I listen to the news all the time, its completely plausible.

I looked it up, to make sure I wasn’t being brain washed by “left wing propaganda”. I know I’m not, it’s not in my head, but just to confirm, yes Trump does use the word “stupid” all the time.

Great role model for kids right? Can you imagine the world, the rhetoric our children are being raised in? I think its completely irresponsible of parents to raise their kids to be anything other than activists. To raise them to care about their world and to know that our President Trump is not a good role model.

If I were living in many other places around the world I would be in trouble for raising my kids to oppose their president, but I live in America. I am free to believe that Trump should not be our president. I am free to teach my kids that.

It’s sad that Some people still think Trump is O.K. Because the economy is good.

He’s a terrible role model for our children. Isn’t that enough to qualify you NOT to be our president???

Good Job London on the Blimp!!!!

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