Process: Confiscation Project. Being Human Residency

A Butterfly Turns into a Creepy Child Butterfly bear. Thats what happened as I worked on my Week Two Project in my Being Human Residency. The assignment was to pick an item we’ve confiscated from our children. We discussed things that were confiscated from us when we were children. I wrote about mine last week here- the garden butterfly decoration I thought would poke out Jack and Fionas eyes. I also wrote about the emotions that came up for me examining my own childhood early this week.

I started with a small wrapped butterfly, then a wire butterfly with fabric and batting, then a stuffed butterfly, then a strange stuffed sculpture.

Fiona helped me stuff!

My hands are covered with fabric paint, glitter, glue.

My fingers are sore from the needle. I have two hours left before my time is up. I haven’t eaten anything or gone shopping for dinner stuff. I spent too much time in the sun without putting on sunscreen working on my soft sculptures. My studio is a mess.

I’m so obsessive when I get an idea.

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