Process, mania, sore hands and bitten cuticles

I realized today my soft sculptures need to be quilted, at least the purple one, which is Jacks. I wish I never noticed it, but now that I have the stitching looks unfinished.

I also need to fix the glitter somehow so its not falling everywhere.

Troubles, troubles, everything’s a mess or really hard work.

My mind has shifted, my body has shifted, I’ve shifted.

I’m back to stitch. Fabric. Dyes. Why does this happen to me?

I go all day not eating, stitching till i have blisters on my fingers. My cuticles are picked raw. I don’t know if its hot or cold half the time, when my body feels the correct temperature I am so thankful.

When I sleep through the night and I don’t feel tattered I love it.

This is my one minute warning. I have to go now, be mom.

The first thing Jack and Fiona will want to do is see the butterflies.

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