Wet Cold Ground

I got to the park this morning the same time I do every morning. I had the bags of socks, flannels, a notebook and pens for Michael and Kaia. No one was at the park when I got there. I wanted to see if they were sleeping in their camp. I climbed through a hole in the fence, I’d never explored that area before. I followed a path and saw wet blankets on the ground. I saw the blue tarp covering something up. There was a wet, soggy, muddy, pink and black sports bra on the ground. Beer cans and other pieces of trash. But there was no tent, no type of real shelter. One day I asked them- where they go when they aren’t at the park. Kaia said Back There as she pointed. That’s where I went today, I couldn’t imagine them all sleeping back there, on the wet cold ground with no shelter. I wondered why they didn’t ask me for camping equipment the day I asked them what they needed. They said tarps, socks, and clothes.

I stashed the two bags in the sink hole Michael showed me the other day. He said he walks to that spot every morning.  He said he used to put a tarp over the hole and sleep in there. When I put the bags there this morning the ground was dry. It was like a little cave. There was a bigger cave below it, rain water runs through underground in the winter. He said his friend Dino used to live in that hole. I wondered where Dino was now, but by the way Michael said it, it seemed like Dino might be dead.

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