The Final Phase

The Final Stage, the last segment, the final chapter, I don’t know what to call it, but a few decisions I’ve made in the past two months, the first one, transitioning to Veganism, and the other decision that I finalized today, to send our kids to our local homeschool, (it’s called our homeschool, but it’s not homeschool, it’s the closest public school.) that we can WALK TO!!!! Have brought me closer to the person I am inside. The true me. The me I’ve always dreamed of being, living the life I always wanted. It feels like I’ve come home. My body is so happy, and my future is filled with healthy possibilities. I am no longer dependent on my car. I don’t have to ever worry about what I’m going to eat or how I’m going to get exercise. My kids will have built in activity five days a week, we skip the whole drama of getting into the car and getting somewhere on time. My kids will meet all the neighbors that we walk by each morning. We’ll watch the leaves turn colors and drop to the ground, not through the windows of a car, but we can touch them and listen to them crunch under our feet. I can totally relax, just do Kindergarten stuff. I’m so excited. You couldn’t imagine what I’ve been through. I will write all about it! This is why I haven’t written in so LONG! I’ve been writing e-mail after e-mail, having meeting after meeting with the whole spectrum of education officials. I have learned so much. I feel like my whole being was questioned and analyzed. Questions I asked myself. Answers I received. The hardest and easiest answer to get is the one from the question you ask yourself. What do I really believe? Knowing when to trust myself, knowing when to trust others. Knowing when to compromise, knowing when to do what you know someone else wants you to do, and knowing when to stick to the plan, my plan. My mom used to always call me bossy! I’m the Boss of my life and I want to live this last chapter of my life doing good. Every decision I make now will affect the rest of my life, my happiness, my wellbeing. I need to make it count. Becoming a Vegan and choosing the Elementary school I chose bring me so close. Next project- build a garden! I want to be in my kitchen cooking vegan Lasagna from tomatoes and squash from the garden this Fall, and I want the kids to help me grow the vegis, make the lasagna and eat it!!!

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