Breezy Bay Blue Sky

“Did you wear hearing aids when you were a girl?” Fiona asks.

This is the second time the subject has come up. I don’t think she understands yet, that she’s the only one in the family who wears hearing aids and that no one else has ever worn hearing aids. It’s interesting. And how do I explain these things.

Yesterday Jack said he was going to marry me when I shrunk back down to a baby. They think our lives repeat. We grow old then grow young again. Like in the movie!

It’s strange trying to explain these concepts of life and death and our bodies aging, changing, being different from each other.

I can’t believe it’s almost August. Fiona has another audiology appointment Thursday. I wish I could cancel but several people have been waiting for the results of this final hearing test. Since there’s been so many changes in Fionas hearing in the past year.

It’s been really intense lately. But I still feel we have progressed, Jack has been behaving better and signed a whole sentence to me this morning. Fiona has begun to ask more questions about specific words, like Jacks been doing for a very long time.

I tried to get Fiona to wear her left hearing aid this morning but she took it out right away. She said “ouch” when I put it in, then said she her voice sounded weird.

I can’t get myself to force her to wear it.

I worked on my new project. It’s all work in progress. There’s a stitched element I will start next.

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