Monday Morning August 3rd, 2020- Seventeen Days until School Starts


Jack in his happy place. It’s funny how all behavioral problems disappear on hikes. Yes Jack and Fiona complained a few times that they were tired and that “They would NEVER go on a hike again!” But they loved it! It was a beautiful amazing hike.

It made me think I need to take the kids out every morning on a hike or bike ride. We’ve been staying home so much, since March 16th basically. But the behavior after hikes is SO much better. The opportunities for teaching moments are everywhere on a hike. I decided I will alter my teaching to include lots of outdoor learning. I think I need to do what I feel is right and best for my kids growth this year. I will follow the basic curriculum and get them on-line as often as they will tolerate. But I can’t spend the next year fighting my kids to log in. It’s not the life I want to live. If they both have to repeat first grade when the pandemic is over so be it. What difference will it make? They’ve barely been to Kindergarten.

I hope I’m not going to be harassed by truancy officers or I hope the school district doesn’t call Child Protective services on me! But I just can’t see Jack particularly sitting still, but I also see the other side of it. I have a huge opportunity to teach Jack tons of cool First grade stuff that he will be into. He constantly asks questions and wants to know how everything is made. He loves science and nature. Jacks a good kid. He’s just an active kid. He decided he wants to be the strongest man in our town! He can pick me up!

Fiona loves the outdoors and nature. She has a much easier time communicating outdoors on quiet trails. She stops often to watch lizards and butterflies and grasshoppers. I can’t force her to work on-line with teachers and peers when she can’t understand them and gets nothing out of it. What a waste of time. She could learn more out in nature with me.

I think that’s the bottom line many parents are concerned about. Quality of education and quality of time spent alive here on earth! Why can’t we and why shouldn’t we make the best out of this situation? Why wouldn’t the school system want to promote the same? I think I feel most sympathy for the teenagers. Little kids still have their parents, but teenagers parents will probably be working. In High School the teens are to log into their classes all day long. I can’t imagine it. I barely made it through HS, in fact I didn’t, I dropped out in eleventh grade. I hated HS. If I had to go through this alone at home I don’t know what would have happened to me. It would have been awfully lonely and trouble would have called me out of boredom.

Anyhow I hope to get in my studio today! But it’s also laundry and cleaning day. And I need to get these kids outside!

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