Crash, bang, bleed

Morning exercise ended abruptly with a crash and a bloody mouth. Fiona and Jack jumped on their wheels and took off down the hill before I could give my usual warning, “Don’t go too fast”. A neighbor was driving down the road and as I asked her to be careful because my kids were down the street on their bikes we both heard screaming. I saw Jack hugging Fiona. He said she’s bleeding, he was scared. Her mouth is swollen and one of her teeth is sure to fall out. Her helmet is cracked. Thank God for helmets!

Earlier I watched a video from the county education department. It was all about setting up a spot for the kids to do virtual learning in the home and limiting distractions. It emphasized between 8-3 kids should be learning and on a schedule like at school. I watched this video as my kids jumped off the fire place mantel onto the couch. They have been bouncing off the walls. I decided to take them out to exercise and I think we need to exercise every morning before school. Fiona’s mouth is still bleeding. I can’t tell where it’s coming from and I don’t know what else to do but give her paper towels with ice in them.

This is not easy. I went to my studio and did some super quick paintings. I wish I could do more but I’ll add nurse to my list of duties.

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