Sleepovers and Climbing over 1000 feet!

This past weekend was a huge leap for my family and I feel so much better! We took some risks, the first was sleepovers, Fiona slept at her best friends house and Jack’s best friend slept here. It was all the kids first sleepovers ever! It was also the second playdate since March 16th. The kids loved it so much and I felt so happy to see the other Moms at drop off and Pick up. The kids were all over the moon and there were no behavior problems from anyone. Jacks behavior has been so much better since the sleepover. During the sleepover I saw a very sweet, considerate person. He treated his friend so well. He needed that rough and tumble boy energy outlet. I think the shelter in place has been most difficult for Jack and that may explain some of the defiant behavior, a matter of frustration.

I took a risk, I added several people into my social bubble. But it felt so right and the benefit of the socialization for me and the kids was worth the risk. We are all trying to be careful and slow the spread, we are all wearing masks and practicing social distancing. But of course six year old’s won’t wear masks on a playdate, at least not these kids! All our families come with some risks of exposure to coronavirus, from work or summer camps. But how long can we stay separated? When this virus has only just begun. It’s not sustainable for our mental health.

On Sunday our family went on a major hike. We hiked to the top of Mt. Wittenburg. We hiked 1207 ft. then did a loop that totaled almost 8 miles! That part was accidental because the on-line map said this hike was 5 miles. The kids did it! They complained at the end, but 8 miles is way too long for six year old’s! But now I know they can do it. Jack walked barefoot for a lot of it. I had to order him new hiking shoes, his hurt his feet bad yesterday. It was a beautiful hike through the tall redwoods and pines. With views of the ocean and the autumn tan hills to the east. I can’t wait for our next family hike.

Top of Mt. Wittenberg

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