And School Begins

Quiet fills my home as the children work on their homework. Doing a better job than I imagined they would. It’s early, the first class log in, which I found out yesterday there are currently 5 log in times and after September 14th there will be more added for small group work.

It’s quite a lot for a six year old. Jack needs constant supervision and reminders to stay on task. He can’t stop moving around. My babysitter was here today. We worked together until my therapy appointment. Which I decided to do in my studio. After my appointment I started paining. I painted all afternoon in between several interruptions from Jack.

I locked as many doors between him and I. But he managed to get into my studio. I let him paint with me for awhile. How could I turn him away? But after, awhile after I told him to go back upstairs, the babysitter called and said Jack was on the roof, and he wouldn’t come down. I think he has ADHD and Defiant Personality Disorder. And he’s damn smart. I still worry he could become a master criminal. But at the same time he’s so sweet and caring. He loves animals and his sister. He is attached to me at the hip and I can tell how much he loves me. He’s not a sociopath. There have been times when he’s been destructive and it scared me. or when he’s raging and I’m paralyzed. Who knows, I’m not a psychiatrist. I do need to call the behaviorist again and get some advice. I hope my babysitter doesn’t quit!

I do feel amazing having been able to work in my studio today! I am proud of myself and am confident I can keep this going.

She emerges then disappears then emerges again

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