Acorns are Falling

Artist Notebook

The wind blew, sun light shown through the huge Oak. I thought to myself, Halloween will come even with the virus. We touched playground things, the kids climbed and swung. Ours was a group of 7. Earlier, We had lunch together at my house, outside on the deck and a play date. Now we were at the park. Caution tape still blew in the wind.

After everyone had left the park except me and the kids I was inspired by light and leaves and the metal of the play set. I took pictures and the kids went crazy running and swinging and jumping. I worried about the virus. I told the kids right when we get home wash your hands, I didn’t make the kids wear masks, even though all the other kids outside our group who visited the park that day did have masks, at least around their necks. I guess I need to bring kids masks. It’s hard with Fiona. She can’t understand me or her friends with masks.

I didn’t and don’t worry about myself anymore. I know I could die if I got the virus. And I would never want me or the kids to pass it along. I do feel it’s almost impossible to guarantee not getting it. Which is a nice feeling because it frees me of extra daily anxiety and fear by just accepting the morbid thought. but adds more risk because I am taking more risks. Maybe it’s worth the risk, Me and the kids feel much better having the social contact.

Still when I stood at the park right before we left and the caution tape blew in the wind I wondered did we all put each other at risk of spreading the virus? But I also felt we all needed this, everyone that visited the park yesterday. My friend calls it a calculated risk.

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