The joys of a Pandemic

It feels like there are so many major problems right now, the coronavirus everywhere. I’ve come to accept I most likely will become infected sooner or later no matter how isolated I remain and how carefully masked and hand washed I continue to be. Our lives in survival mode on a Zoom check in schedule that stretches from AM to PM daily. I’ve turned off the news I’ve ceased to look up information on the coronavirus. When I watch TV I binge watch a show on Netflix called “locked Up”. I am busy homeschooling, imagine how many of us are?

Fresh caution tape wraps the park. Maybe its for the best to deter our restless hearts and limit our risk to the virus that much more. We are locked up in a prison. The blinds are all down, I’ve rolled yoga mats under doors where I see the light from outside. There is an excessive heat wave and another flex alert. There’s a sky full of smoke that comes in and out of the valley.

We stay indoors away from the heat, the virus, the smoke, insulated and safe in our own prisons.

“Anger is powerless, be courageous instead” was the mantra of my morning meditation. Anger is powerless. We will be courageous and survive this time. We will come out stronger and know what it means to be courageous.

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