Day four of 20 Days in a Pandemic

I know I wanted to keep my project separate from my everyday blogging. I envisioned it being in a separate section on my Dirty Laundry Blog. I could see a piece of art paired with a poetic piece of writing. But for now that’s all gone by the wayside. My main concern is writing and painting everyday. It’s my top priority.

Then I will figure out how to organize it online and in the Gallery.

My studio session was longer today than usual, I have a babysitter today. I actually worked for two whole hours! I neglected studying for ASL though. But I did get a bunch of information on an on-line Teacher Prep program/Masters in Special Education. It is exactly what I want. I just don’t know if it is a degree mill? The classes look really good. The cost is reasonable and I can use the Teachers Credit from the Federal Government.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. And the next Sixteen Days.

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