Day Six 20 Days in a Pandemic

Fiona sat on the floor crying. She called me over to her and was scared Daddy was going to be so mad. We went to the toilet to find out how bad it was. The toilet was filled with white, soft, squishy toilet paper.

I went to the kitchen and got a plastic bag, I pulled out the soggy mess and flushed the toilet. Everything was fine.

Today is a dry, hot, breezy Saturday. It’s another extreme fire danger day. I’m sneaking writing this, letting the kids watch u-tube. I have dishes to do, laundry to do, shopping list to make, and I must play dolls with Fiona today.

I would rather have the day off today. Relax, work in my studio. I worked hard all week long. But I have homemaker (butler) duties still. That never goes away.

I want to start stitching these silk prints. But I don’t think I can today. Tomorrow, Sunday, I will go in my studio with Fiona. That is acceptable. Me asking for alone time in my studio on the weekend is unacceptable. But bringing my daughter in to work with me makes it ok.

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