Day 8 of 20 Days in a Pandemic

Wow, what a Monday. more fires close to home. I can smell smoke but the thick smoke is in the East Bay right now. The wind blows softly, the freeway hums louder than I’ve heard in many months. It seems like business as usual as more businesses begin to open back up. My eyes burn a bit as I sit outside to write today.

In a continuous cycle of trauma

The dry fall leaves rustle. Tiny pink flowers sprinkle the crab myrtle trees. The Japanese maple are the color of a beautiful piece of rusted metal. But forty five minutes away red fire blankets the hillsides under a 100 degree late fall day.

Zoom meetings and chaos filled our homeschool classroom today as we tried to scramble and stay on time and on task.

I studied my ASL and met with an ASL Pal, (a deaf mentor on ASL connect through Gallaudet). That was so fun but I have such a long way to go to become fluent in ASL. I signed to my Pal about CSDF and Fiona. About mainstream and Audism.

It was the first time I needed to use chat. I wish I could be around ASL for days at a time. The next time CSDF has a family weekend I am going. But we have the coronavirus to wait out. I didn’t like the news I heard this morning about the coronavirus getting worse and the strong possibility of a third wave. Ugh. The news. I don’t like anything I’ve been hearing on the news lately!

It is damn hot out here. I only had a short time in my studio today. Today is Today, I accept today. I’ve done my best.

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