Day 10 of “20 Days in a Pandemic”

My eyes feel like sand paper today. There’s barely a drop of energy left in my body. I am so tired today. There’s laundry everywhere, clean, dirty, piles and piles. Today marks the halfway point of my project and today I don’t have energy for the studio or anything. I wish I could have a day off from my life. Just to rest and relax.

I looked at my CBEST test today, I took that test in 1999. I had the results sent to three universities. I opened my most recent Credential folder information and I had printed out all the information from Sonoma State in 2015. Wanting to become a teacher has been a lifelong dream.

Why do I always put it off?

Today I need to figure out how I can rest with the kids. I’m so tired I don’t want to play barbies or take a bike ride.

I’m O.K. Just a bit blah today. Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow I will be more productive.

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