Day Fourteen of 20 Days in a Pandemic -Holding it Together

Starting my Stitch and and Silk works today. Will continue working on these until Day 20. I love my stitch,print, silk pieces. My neck is very sore today though, from yesterdays cleaning and organizing rampage, it’s too painful to work or write for long. I’m trying to hold it together.

This morning I reworked Fiona’s DLP. I had to change everything because she can’t use the FM anymore online because of the feedback and she’s not proficient in ASL so she can’t rely on her interpreter. Fiona can’t keep up with the pace of the class because it takes her so long to process the information, when she falls behind she gets frustrated, she tries so hard as tears well in her eyes.

I think it’s going to need to be independent study with me offline. I don’t see any other option. So tomorrow will start an additional set of motherhood duties. More hours as primary teacher with Fiona. I’m going to need to study the lessons in advance and prepare my weekly schedule. I need to organize my props and study my ASL that pertains to the lesson. I’m in a unique place because I know what sounds Fiona’s can’t hear or what kind of words she can’t understand.

I need help in one area. Fiona is so used to SIM COM that when I try to do ASL only lessons she asks me to talk too. what should I do?

Anyhow that’s my Sunday.

I’m sitting in the backyard, it’s a beautiful day. The sky is blue. Pink , purple, and orange fall flowers scatter the hill. My husband is making the kids wash our cars so I have a moment to myself. I will need to make lunch soon though unless we order pizza!

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