Day 16 of 20 days in a Pandemic – holding it together

How many people do you think will die this Fall and Winter? How many cases will we get up to in December if everyone throws caution to the wind and throws away their masks? Things are frightening right now. Imagine these past three and a half years. Remember how sad we were after Hilary lost? Since then it’s been year after year of tragedy, but I could have never imagined Trump doing something this sinister. Basically telling everyone to go get infected and risk serious consequences.

As of today my daughter is basically out of school. She can’t do virtual anymore. Our IEP is next week. I feel drained by this roller coaster. But today we decided it’s time to get Fiona the education she needs, deserves, and is promised under the law. I am more prepared than ever before for this IEP.

I am so grateful for this beautiful day. The air feels so clean today. Fiona, Jack, and I put out carrots for the deers and collected acorns this morning. I love Fall! I am optimistic that things will improve. We will survive this time period and come out stronger and clear minded.

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