Clean up your social media

Today was SSU orientation for my teaching credential. We were told we are professionals now. Is my social media clean enough? What about my un-professional opinions about my daughters education?

But I have to report that my district, the San Rafael City School District is amazing! My kids are thriving and everything that was a major problem has been improved immensely! I looked back through some of my posts and its hard to believe how hard it was for Fiona for so long. If Fiona had not received her CI and had it not worked so well we would be in a different place right now.

In our case the cochlear implant has worked amazingly. In class with the FM system she gets most of the things the teacher says. The social part is still hard with no FM, background noise, and no ASL. As a school community we are working on this. Fionas classmates are learning ASL!

I couldn’t say enough positive things about my school district and Marin County office of Education. The way they handled the pandemic was phenomenal, the SRCSD board of education just passed a resolution to celebrate Deaf History month.

I think I’ve always written favorable about the public schools and staff, except certain periods of hard times with Fiona. But since that’s all public and I’ve been totally open about our experience do I need to go back through and take away any posts about my frustrations with public school deaf ed??? Or is it fine?

What about my political views? I’ve written about Trump I’m sure, is that OK? Or do I need to get rid of those? I’ve written about my atheism, is that OK? Or should those blog posts be removed?

What’s clean up mean? As a professional public school teacher is my Facebook page OK?

I have no idea! The class I’m taking now seems very progressive. The content we are learning and the papers I’ve written have a lot of controversial information.

I think when they say clean up your social media they are referring to bad words and nudity or extreme views?

I hope I’m clean enough to be a public school teacher!!!!

One thought on “Clean up your social media

  1. If your not (clean enough) then we’ve lost the thread of what we think a public school education is supposed to provide. We can’t predict what is going to happen next week let alone next decade.
    If we default to teaching people what to think, rather than how to think, education will serve no purpose other than to train people not to think. This would be a big problem.

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