Windy, Dry, Cinco De Mayo

What a strange start to May. So beautiful, but windy and dry. I am starting my final paper on IDEA. Its strange, writing so much having to use citations and switching back to non-cited work or non-professional opinion. How does that work? And how does my artistic practice fall into this?

I’m looking forward to starting my psychology pre req. it feels like I can start making some art during that class. And I need to study for the multiple subject CSET so I can get my special education credential. I think the kids are excited I’m going to work. Jack said I should go to work after I drop him off then pick him up when I get off of work.

There’s a little bird chirping by me. The wind is strong, the leaves sound dry already on the Sycamore tree.

Fire season already. I am having strange doomsday anxiety over the state of our world, but at the same time great things are happening all around us and in our lives. There’s got to be a balance. Deep breathing and lots of exercise!

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