Pay more, give free education no matter how old a person is so they can gain expertise in something they are passionate about, artists, writers, and other creatives get a paycheck and government healthcare, need I go on?

https://apple.news/Ahc2fgOWmSa6Yx0cnucy3wwPay people more money!

My answers to why there are so many vacant jobs! It people aren’t making enough money to survive its hard to convince people to go back to crappy paying jobs.

My other solution to our dilemma in California with the drought, heat waves, fires, ripping dry winds, we need to build down! Underground with solar panels on top. Most of the living would be done underground but there would be “observation decks” that could be a studio or dining area, somewhere people enjoy natural light.

I’m even thinking of more indoor crops. I went on an amazing adventure yesterday. To YOLO county. Its farmland. It was a dry, hot, windy day. The route traverses through the east bay freeway then you cut off before Davis through the farmlands. Most of the landscape is covered with tall dry grass, orchards, fields of Lavender, and Olive trees, there’s even pistachios growing now because they don’t mind the Boron in the water.

On the Horizon is a mountain range, on the other side of the mountain range is Lake Berryessa. on this side the farms butt up against the base of the range. Its a dry patchy landscape with a burn scar from the fires last year.

It was an amazing one day road trip. All I could think of was possibilities. Stories I wanted to write, food I wanted to grow, how I wanted to sit there in the shade under the big oak. For a whole day and night. There were Jack rabbits running around and groups if wild turkeys. Deer hopping and chipmunks scurrying.

On the way home we went through Vacaville. I ate a pork Tamale and drank a sierra Nevada. The kids ate Ice Cream cones. Then zonked out on the car-ride.

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